About us

Wedding Gowns Handcrafted Just for You

The Venus Group is a major manufacturer of Wedding & Formal gowns in the world, producing 500,000 wedding gowns and 8 million formal gowns per year worldwide.

Our creative team includes 100 designers, 50 pattern makers and 200 seamstresses all working under the inspiration and artistic direction of Joanna Wu.
Our gowns offer the latest design trends, fabric's, colour options, hand beading and embroidery.

Each Gown is uniquely identified and can be traced back to the original seamstress.

Venus Collections are released twice a year (Spring & Fall Collections) and are available in sizes 2 to 30

Our Process

Our stockists keep samples of the Venus Collections for you to view and fit.

Once you have selected your dream gown,
a new gown is ordered specifically for you
(with any required measurement alterations).

Your gown is then handcrafted to your requirements and delivered to the stockist

identified with your name, ensuring you have a uniquely crafted gown for your uniquely special day.

Our Stockists

Venus stockists are dedicated to maintaining current Venus brand presence.

Extensive brand knowledge is provided by trained professionals; experts in consultation, fitting, altering and delivery of all Venus gowns.

Venus stockists in New Zealand, have been supplying exquisite Venus gowns for beautiful brides, for over 15 years!

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